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Forum Topic: "How do I get the email address of the receiving person from an email in a Public Folder using the Exchange Adapter"

I have been tasked with migrating many emails from Exchange public folders into CRM email activities.  I have the Exchange adapter installed and am able to access the emails in the public folders. However I can't seem to get the email address of the person who recieved the email. 

I have modifed the ExchangeAdapter.XML in order to get the sender using PR_SENT_REPRESENTING_EMAIL_ADDRESS and that works great, however I can't seem to get the email address of the To: or reciever.  I have tried using PR_RCVD_REPRESENTING_EMAIL_ADDRESS and that returns NULL on all emails.

I also need to get the attachments and move them into CRM however I am getting NULL back for all of the PR_ATTACH_... items.

Does anyone have any ideas on what I need to add to the ExchangeAdapter.XML in order to see these items.

Posted by Becky C on Jul 28, 2011 01:39PM Return to top

When I need to add or modify a a field to the ExchangAdapter.XML I like to use Outlookspy.

Outlook spy allows you to view the raw data in an outlook profile and you will be able to see which field specifically contains the data you are looking for. You can then add or modify that field in your metadata file along with the correct hex id for the field.

The Exchange adapter is not supported one newer version of Outlook/Exchange, but using the Outlookspy to help identify fields for use in the metadata has proven effective for retrieving data from the newer systems.

Posted by Josh S on Aug 03, 2011 08:56AM Return to top
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