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Forum Topic: "How to create new record-level notes in table SY03900, and get the next note index (NOTEINDX)?"

I am working on an integration between CRM and GP that includes an ISV product (Property Site Manager from Binary Stream) for GP. I need to create record-level notes in table SY03900 for records in tables for the ISV product (not standard GP tables). Since this is an ISV product, I'm assuming I can't use eConnect, and therefore, the Adapter for Dynamics GP.

It looks like the next NOTEINDX number is stored in the Dynamics database table SY01500, but how can I use Scribe to get this next number and increment that number in the SY01500 table?

Posted by Michael Cross ( on Oct 30, 2009 11:36PM Return to top


Did you ever figure this out?

Posted by Ben M on Dec 11, 2009 08:49AM Return to top


I ended up creating a stored procedure to get the next note index number. Then, per the instructions from Scribe, I created a view on the Dynamics.dbo.SY01500 table, and added this stored procedure to the KSYNC table in the GP database. Now, whenever I need to create a new note, I add the following steps:

  1. Call the stored procedure and get the next note index number and store the note index number in a target variable.
  2. Insert a new note into the SY03900 table with the newly assigned note index value.
  3. Insert a record into the table I'm working with (in this case, a table from the Property Site Manager add-on from Binary Stream) and map this note index value to the note index field for the record.

The stored procedure is located in the GP company database, but it is set up to access the SY01500 table in DYNAMICS database. The only input parameter is the company code and the only output is the new note index value.

I don't have access to the scripts I used at the moment, but hopefully this gets you started.

Posted by Michael Cross ( on Dec 13, 2009 08:44PM Return to top
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